Non-Qualified Mortgages

Non-QM Mortgages at BFR

Licensed in New York, New Jersey, and Florida; BFR is an expert in non-QM lending. We will walk you through some of the key guidelines for this loan product.

Non-Qualified Mortgage (Non-QM) mortgages are typically for borrowers with unique income qualifications There are many people who may have adequate income but don't qualify with their tax returns for “conventional” loans.

What is a Non-QM mortgage?

Good borrowers with unconventional circumstances are often not qualified for traditional lending. Rather than turn business away, turn to a non-QM programs for loans up to $3 million and help your unconventional borrowers.

Our Lenders say "YES" to borrowers who:

  • Have an aged credit event, bankruptcy or foreclosure
  • Are self-employed and can’t easily document their income
  • Are working hard to fix their credit
  • Have had an unexpected life event

Our lenders accept alternative documentation to verify income such as 12-to-24 months of personal or business bank statements and one year of W-2s or tax returns, and help borrowers whose credit or housing events happened up to 3 years ago. Lenders will look at investment properties based upon their cash-flow versus mortgage expenses only! What’s more, our lenders also still believe there is a place for manual underwriting – which is why some of our lenders considered industry leaders!

Because of our dedicated service to customers whose circumstances require a little extra effort, our wide array of Non-QM programs and manual underwriting, our lenders often say “Yes” to unconventional borrowers when so many others say “No.”

Give us a call and let's talk Non-QM!

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