Low First Time Homebuyer Mortgage Rates in NY, NJ, and FL

First Time Homebuyer Mortgages at BFR

BFR’s lenders offer an expansive list of products including the full suite of FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Portfolio and Private lending Programs. BFR has lenders offering down payment assistance in certain scenarios as well. Our loan officers enjoy the challenge in placing a first time homebuyer in the right mortgage for them.

What is a First Time Homebuyer Mortgage?

It’s a common misconception that bank’s have just one program that meets the need of a first-time homebuyer. Some borrowers can be getting the best terms for their loan using a conventional loan program offered to all borrowers. At the same time, a first-time homebuyer can put down as little as 3 percent. At BFR, we will help you with the analysis on which loan program makes the most sense for you.


Our mortgage loan originators help you navigate through the process, listen to your needs and then present you with customized options just for you.

More Options

At BFR, we work with over 50 wholesale lenders to provide you with the best options as a first-time homebuyer. Have additional questions? Call 212-933-0157. Please also use the resources below to learn more:

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