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Based in New York City for Over 15 years, BFR is an expert in coop financing. We will walk you through ways which a coop differs from other property types.

What Is a Coop?

Cooperative housing is commonplace in New York City. When buying a coop unit, you are purchasing shares in a corporation and are awarded a stock certificate at closing. The stock certificate will show the unit number a coop owner is purchasing as well as the number of shares in the coop corporation allocated to that particular unit.

Coops typically have a board of directors, frequently know as the “coop board.” The coop board is commonly more influential than the board of a condominium association. A coop interview takes place before a purchase and the coop board can decide who is allowed to live in the coop unit. Coop boards look at character references, employment, income, asset, and credit history. Co-op boards can deny a prospective buyer for any reason, as long as the reason doesn’t violate any anti-discrimination laws.

When living in a coop, the unitholder helps pay for the maintenance, and mortgage for the whole building. The shareholder is also paying their portion of the upkeep and maintenance of the building amenities.

A big difference between condos and coops housing are the buyers most attracted to them. Condominiums purchases tend to be for first-time homebuyers, those in transition, and purchasers looking for investment or rental property. Coop housing is typically a little more exclusive due to the coop board’s restrictions. Due to the large number of coops in NYC, there is typically a premium to buy a condominium.

Underlying Coop Mortgages For your Coop Building

In addition to coop financing for individual units, Block Financial Resources also specializes in Underlying Mortgages for coop buildings.

We work for the Co-op Boards, its officers and property management to secure the lowest interest rates and terms fixed up to 30 years as needed.

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